sound bite: Black Pus

Black Pus is one half of Lightning Bolt, Brian Chippendale – we think, arguably one of the best drummers on the planet.

If you’ve ever been to a Ligthning Bolt or Black Pus show you’ll understand, audience participation takes on a whole new meaning as the crowd are urged to lean over the floor toms and rest their backs on a bass amp. I was hit in the mouth with a shard of drum stick, the best splinter I’ve ever had.

Not content with just making mind bending music, Brian is also a highly regarded comic book artist, creating the art work for all Lightning Bolt releases to date as well as┬áproducing his own comics and art books including Maggots, a book made up of tightly gridded, postage-stamp-sized panels of improvisatory black pen work sketched over the pages of a Japanese book catalogue…interesting.